About San Diego County MPI

Welcome to the San Diego County Marijuana Prevention Initiative (MPI) website. The MPI works to reduce youth access to marijuana by increasing public awareness regarding the adverse effects resulting from youth marijuana use. We aim to decrease community acceptance and tolerance of marijuana use and access among youth living in San Diego County between the ages of 12-25. These years are crucial both  academically and developmentally.

The MPI focuses on implementing recommendations identified by the Marijuana Initiative Key Leadership Team, a multi-sector leadership team working to advance innovative solutions to reduce youth access to marijuana throughout San Diego County. The MPI uses research-based strategies for all community interventions and ensures that efforts are SMART — Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. The Work Group made up of the six Alcohol and Drug Prevention Service contractors build capacity and maintain a sustainable regional effort to reduce youth access to marijuana.

We’d especially like to draw your attention to our resources page. This page contains info cards, presentations, data, and other documents that you may download and share to help spread the word about how marijuana impacts the health and well being of young people. Please note our info cards are in English and Spanish. Check out our “NEW” MPI Prevention TOOLKIT post Adult Use of Marijuana Act 2016.

Live Well, San Diego! 
The work of the Marijuana Prevention Initiative (MPI) supports the Countywide strategic initiative, Live Well, San Diego! which aims to improve the health and well being of residents. The MPI will educate the community about the negative health impacts associated with marijuana use and will address common misconceptions regarding harmless-ness, particularly with youth use.


Live Well San Diego

MPI YouTube page, click here.

For more information regarding the MPI and available trainings contact Joe Eberstein, MPI Program Manager at mpimedia@ccrconsulting.org

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